Goals Check In: December 2019

This year I have been focusing on intentional living. As part of this, I have been setting specific goals for myself and tracking them closely (yes I am a spreadsheet nerd) in order to better align how I spend my time and energy with my values. Here is my December Update!

💰 Financial Health

Maximize Retirement Savings Done!
Save X% of Take Home Pay 54% achievement here. My overall savings rate was still excellent, so I’ll cut myself some slack. My goals shifted slightly towards the end of the year when I started an HSA.
Spend Less Specifically in the categories Restaurants and Mindless Online Purchases. Restuarant spend was a little higher than I would like - I ordered delivery twice and picked up the leftover tab at a friend’s going away party, neither of which I feel bad about. My other purchases were limited to gifts, an extra long yoga mat (used from REI!), and a much-needed jewelry box.

🧠 Personal Development

Improve Photography Skills No progress :(.
Complete Predictive Analytics Certificate Program by EOY ‘20 Completed Effective Data Preparation with an A grade and registered for one class next quarter.

📚 Reading

Complete 25 Books I finished 6 books in December, bringing the final tally for 2019 to 36 books.

💻 Digital Life

De-Googlify I’m still rating myself 60% de-Googlified, but the last 40% will be hard (Maps and Calendar 😭). No updates since last month, but my e-mail provider ProtonMail is coming out with ProtonCalendar sometime soon.
Set up password manager Complete pending final clean-up. I’m embarassed to keep seeing this here each month! I need to carve out some time to deal with the stragglers.
Reduce Social Media Use Shared 0 Posts and 47 Stories on Instragram. 31 Minutes Daily Average last 7 days of December. I’ve managed to stay logged off of Facebook on my mobile browser for most of the month.
Remove apps from phone Complete.

🧘🌲 Fitness & Outdoor Activity

Nature Time I went on a nice walk with my mom while she was in town, but otherwise my time spent outdoors was limited to short dog walks, which I don’t count. The trails near my apartment close every time it rains, which as a former Pacific Northerwester drives me totally bonkers.
Yoga Tweaking this goal a bit to 15 yoga classes per month, because 4/week is too aggressive for me right now. I only made it to 9 classes in December. On the bright side though, I tried some new classes and found another instructor that I really like.